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Where Output Management And Mobility Merge

A Printer Output Management (POM) solution that makes your print follow you around and is accessible from all your computing and mobile computing devices makes a good mobility solution improving productivity as well as response times and can be part of your revenue assurance program.

With the advent of mobile computing and moving around from home to temporary offices, customers, overseas subsidiaries and clients, a printer output management solution allows you to seamlessly send your document to a print queue somewhere in your corporate haze of IT and securely pickup the hard copy at a printer conveniently located near you.

There are now printer independent solutions that accurately or close thereto report paper and toner use over a wide range of printing systems. As IT users have become more educated independence from printer type and make is an important feature for organizations that a) do not want to be locked into any particular printer make and b) want to provide consistent user interfaces and capabilities over a large range of ever-changing output infrastructure.

Considering those requirements, deploying a POM software solution, and where required ID reader hardware, which is independent from the printer manufacturer makes good strategic sense.

If you are responsible for paying the color laser toner, you will know that misuse of color printing systems can be a costly undertaking, also this issue can be addressed using an output management system enabling or disabling color printing ability by user policy.

Some output management systems have a web-interface allowing you to drag and drop or upload office documents or PDF-s onto your personal web accessible print client. This is also known as ‘Hospitality Printing’ thus when you are in a hotel or airport you can put your print in the queue and pick it up at a convenient place.

Today many printer makes allow output management by  keluaran sgp independent vendors to run embedded on their printers resulting in easy deployment. Top of the range output management systems have both embedded where the printer make supports it and external solutions that can accept any type of identification method, from swipe cards, proximity cards or FOBs, smart cards, bar-codes or biometric fingerprints or combinations thereof for dual and triple factor authentication.

Organizations that are embracing mobility computing as well as wanting to assure their revenues for their respective owners or shareholders may want to enhance their computing environment with an output management system that achieves availability, controlling cost, document security and accountability to solve a number of compliance issues.

Klaus Bollmann is a veteran in printer output management and has been in the forefront of innovative output management technology for more than 20 years. He was the original developer of many of the concepts used in today’s multi function printers including the FollowMe printing concept.


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