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Using Ground Blinds for Deer Hunting – Hunt Deer Efficiently and Comfortably

Ground Blinds have become increasingly popular over the last  several years for all types of hunting. Versatile, light, inexpensive and mobile are all reasons for the increase of their popularity. Perhaps the biggest reason for the rise in popularity of ground blinds is the fact that they provide an unmatched level of comfort while deer hunting and any other game animal as you can stay warm and dry and sit in a comfortable seat.

Why are ground blinds so effective for deer hunting?

Blinds have a lot to offer deer hunters besides comfort. Here is a list of the reasons why ground blinds are so effective for deer hunting


    • Concealment: When sitting in a blind, deer and other animals do not realize there is a person sitting inside the blind, so they will approach a ground blind as if it were just another tree in the forest; especially if the ground blind has been in place for some time so that the deer can become accustomed to it. This gives a deer hunter the advantage and if patient enough, the opportunity to get a shot at a deer from close range.


    • Scent Retention: Being inside of a ground blind while deer hunting keeps a large part of your scent from leaving the blind. The sense of smell is the number one sense deer have to protect themselves from predators. Humans are the stinkiest smelling predators a deer has to deal with, and is just one molecule of human scent is detected, any deer will be on high alert. The smartest bucks typically smell hunters before they are ever seen and are gone before the hunter ever knew they were there. That is why it is so important to keep your smell to a minimum, and blinds can help.


    • Mobility: Ground blinds offer a deer hunter the ability to set up wherever and whenever they want enabling them to move at a moments notice to get in a better spot. It seems like when you set up or build a tree stand you wish you would have set it up 100 yards away where you keep seeing the deer. With a good blind, you can move it and be hunting there right away. Of course there is a lot to be said about keeping a ground blind in the same spot so deer can get use to it, but in some cases you have to be aggressive and go to the deer.


  • Comfort: I must stress the comfort level that a ground blind for deer hunting can provide again. The fact that you can sit for increased periods of time regardless of weather conditions is a huge benefit that blinds can give a deer hunter. The more time spent hunting the better the chances of a buck of a lifetime will show up.


How to Maximize the Use of a Ground Blind for Deer Hunting

There are many things you can do to improve your effectiveness of your deer hunting out of a ground blind. Here are a few tips that you can use to help seal the deal on a deer this hunting season.


The number one variable you need to address when ground blind hunting for deer is location. You want to place that blind in an area that is frequently visited by deer, and more importantly big mature bucks (if that is what you are after).

There are several ways to predict if there are deer in the area. The easiest was to tell is to view the area in the mornings and evenings. If there are a lot of deer in the area, then you will at least see a few.

Another good way is to look for sign. Deer tracks and droppings can tell you a lot about how many deer are in the area. More importantly, deer sign can give you a good idea of the size of the deer and the directions they are heading.

Perhaps the most effective way to scout the location is to set up trail cameras. That way you know exactly what type of deer are in the area and allow you to know when they are moving. This way you can select the exact buck you plan to hold out for.

Set Your Ground Blind Up Early

It is best to get your scouting done and set your blind up before the season so by the time the actual season opens, you will be ready and the deer will have become accustomed to the blind.

Hunt Often and Patiently

The more time you are in your blind the better the chance is of you being there when the deer you are after comes by. This might not take long if you are only after a young buck or a doe, but to get the big mature bucks, you may have to be patient and be able to pass up lesser deer in hopes that the buck of a life time will come along.

An Easier Way to Hunt

While there is a lot to the processes listed above, once you are in a good spot that you know the deer you are after frequent often and you have the blind set up, then all you have to do is show up and hunt in comfort. The more time spent in the blind, the better chance that big buck will walk be within range.


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