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Surprisingly Inexpensive Rooms and Activities Near the World’s Most Active Volcano

An inexpensive room in Hawaii? Is that an oxymoron? Or a great half day adventure around Hawaii’s famous volcano for $60? Although costs in Hawaii are unusually high for the U. S. A. – there are “deals” on rooms, tours, hikes, boat trips, flights, etc. – where the price is unusually low and the quality is very high for that price. I have been coming to the Big Island’s volcano region for over 30 years… and below are the secret values usually only locals know.Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer Review by Cream City Vapes - YouTube

Let’s start with the charming little village itself  MIGHTY Portable Vaporizer  , called Volcano, Hawaii. It is just outside the Volcanoes National Park boundary (officially called Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, or H. V. N. P. ). Just going to this village and cruising around is a treat. The almost surreal native greenery, supplemented by a myriad of flowers of all colors, make this place a feast for the eyes.

In the heart of the village is Volcano Inn – a beautiful lodge built during the 1980’s, and set in the rain-forest of this romantic place. This establishment paradoxically also has prices that are unusually low. The amenities, cleanliness, and natural beauty is unsurpassed – yet the prices are as low as $69/room for a standard room staying 3 or more consecutive nights. For a deluxe room, the prices start as low as $90/night for 3 or more consecutive nights. Make sure you stay at the actual lodge called Volcano Inn, as there are now copy cat lodges that have utilized this proprietor’s popularity (since 1988). They sometimes charge much more for less quality. Don’t be fooled by alterations of this name (e. g., Inn at Volcano, Inn of Volcano) unless you want to miss out on the very best lodging deal on the island.

Next imagine touring this volcano and lava area with a bona fide geologist as your guide. You can do it this year (2011-12) with a reservation by phone or email. A former college instructor is conducting hikes, lava & volcano viewing, informal classes, and nature treks. If you utilize the rental car you probably already have the price is amazingly low: a 4-5 hour excursion with informal lectures and seeing the best current hot spots is usually only $60/person (with a minimum of 3 people). Group rates are also available. Jake the Geologist will ensure you see the best of the hot lava, active volcanoes, and related features during the days you are in the volcano region.

Would you like a free, guided hike (about 1 kilometer) through the magnificent native rain forest of this area? The local nonprofit art center in Volcano Village offers an excursion through a protected area every Monday morning at 9a. m., rain or shine. Just show up at Volcano Art in the upper part of the village on the main road (Old Volcano Rd. ) at 9: 00am. The address is: Volcano Art Center Niaulani Campus, 19-4074 Old Volcano Road in Volcano Village, Hawaii.

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