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Roofer – Hire One You Can Trust

While many people concentrate on the inside of the home, the outside is just as important. If for some reason you are having roofing issues, seek a professional immediately.

Getting in contact with a credible roofer does not have to be a painful ordeal. In fact, just follow a few tips below to help you make the right choice so that you end up with the best covering for your home.

Ask around

Before simply opening the phone book and hiring the first person you see, talk with your friends and family about getting a professional roofer. Professionals know what it takes to repair or replace one. And since you are getting recommendations from friends and family members, you will get the inside scoop on how the professional completed the job. There are so many choices available to you so it’s in your best interest to chat with those that have had work done by this person. Be sure to ask about pricing, time to complete the job, quality of work and more. While this may seem like a lot, it will be worth it in the end.

Do your own research

If you decide to go with a recommendation from someone you know, that’s great. However, it still wouldn’t hurt to do some more research on your own. Make sure whomever you hire has adequate insurance, good referrals as well as extensive Residential Roofing experience. Your roofer should be able to show you examples of previous work he or she has done as well as answer any questions you may have. Another thing to check out is reviews about this person or company. Get online and do some snooping to find out what people are saying.

Get a written estimate

Once you make a selection on a roofer, now is the time to discuss all details about the job and put them on paper. Many things can be said, but it’s best to get all that is discussed in writing. For instance, if you were quoted a price during a conversation make sure it’s documented. Some people tend to have a memory lapse when it comes to talking about money. If you don’t want any issues or problems, insist on having everything written down in a nice, easy-to-read quote. Also, ask whether or not the tools the roofer is using is generic or a name-brand product. Sometimes you may pay for many extras that simply are not necessary.

Keep communication open

Throughout the process, be sure to stay in contact with your roofer and ask about how the job is going. It’s best to gather information throughout the project to ensure you’re not hit with a bunch of surprises and extra costs later.

Ask about a warranty

Although most people don’t want to think about negative situations when hiring a roofer, sometimes it’s inevitable. You should be completely satisfied when it comes to any type of work you’re getting done on your property. However, if by chance you aren’t, you want to be sure it gets fixed according to your standards. You want a contractor that will stand by their work and who will address any problems that occur. So be sure to inquire about whether or not your contractor offers a warranty. If they don’t, you may want to find someone that does.

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