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Picking Your Battles in Plumbing Problems

Maintaining the comforts of your home takes its toll, especially if you’re used to fixing things out on your own. It’s true DIY projects are cost-efficient and rewarding, but these exclude emergencies like a hole in the kitchen roof or a burst pipe. More often than not, the cause of the problem involves months of neglect. For example, mold is caused by moisture buildup along walls that needed a fresh coat of paint years ago. Your outrageous heating bills could be a consequence of your failure to invest in insulation and ventilation checks. Some emergencies are more pressing than others, though, and nothing causes more discomfort than a plumbing problem when you least expect it.

Dirty Business Needs Immediate Attention

A clogged toilet is a nasty plumbing emergency, especially in a house with one toilet shared for everyone. It goes without saying that the reason for this leaves a lot to the imagination, but the initial symptom of blockage involves that choked gurgling sound when you flush. It’s important you check the main pipes when the water pressure drops, and as uncomfortable as it may seem, postpone use until you’re sure the blockage has been cleared. Plumbing for your bathroom sink, shower, and toilet usually runs on the same line, so it’s best to check the pressure on the showerhead before you risk using the toilet. A plunger and lots of patience usually works, but you have to call in professional service if sewage water overflows and floods your bathroom.

When Neglect Bites Back

Kitchen sinks are some of the most used and abused fixtures in the home, which is Seattle Plumbing probably the reason why the garbage disposal unit was invented in the first place. If your sink clogs in spite of a well-oiled garbage disposal unit, then you should resist any temptation to reach in and remove the cause of the problem on your own. The contraption poses serious safety risks even when unplugged. Some sinks are still old-fashioned, with drains to catch larger particles and morsels. Blockage may be removed with corrosive solutions bought at a home improvement store, sometimes by dousing it with boiling water from a kettle.

Call in the Big Guns

You’ll have to hire someone to handle the problem for you when push comes to shove. Plumbing services come in handy when you need something fixed and immediately. Blockage and leaks may be tolerable and will wait for a few days if you have the patience, but a burst or frozen pipe is a serious problem which requires your immediate attention. Don’t shirk at the costs and consider emergency or professional service when you need it.


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