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How to Quit Smoking Weed One Day at a Time

How to quit smoking weed is not a secret, it is not a little known mystical technique and it is not something you need to take medication for. Despite these things quitting weed can be very difficult for many smokers who find stopping their habit a near impossible task!

So if there is no secret what are the key elements of giving up pot?

Not very glamorous or over the top is it but for many reasons it can be difficult for someone trapped in an addiction to cover all of these things as the psychological hold gras online kaufen of pot is so strong that when the cravings hit your introspection gets skewed, your support network seems a long way away, all motivation drains from you and then you decide it is not worth the effort and you give up on the whole idea of quitting smoking marijuana.

This is where short term goal setting can help and going one day at a time can help build up some of those key elements that will get you free of weed.

To begin with start writing down daily goals, no need to get too elaborate and no need to plan too far ahead. Write down what you want to achieve for the next few days and KEEP THAT LIST ON YOU! As you do those things cross them off the list … it is cathartic when you get to an end of a day with everything done and without touching pot and you can scribble out all those tasks including “Stop smoking weed damnit!”.

It is like putting one foot in front of the other until you are confident enough to start looking a few yards in front of you. When a psychological addiction has its claws deep within your mind it can feel like learning to live and walk again but if can be done so never give up hope even if you do stumble along the way just keep planning, keep writing down and achieving even the smallest goals and rewarding yourself for those things. This is the key to the last on the list … persistence and that more than all the other will get you there in the end.

How to quit smoking weed can be done with these methods but without understanding your own addiction and taking ownership of it and its solutions the persistence you have will start to wane as the learning process and be long and painful. To know how exactly what you need to do to stay motivated and to gain the knowledge of self that all addicts need to truly be free of their problems you need a guide from someone who has been there before and knows your struggles.

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