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How to Care for A French Bulldog

Caring for a French Bulldog, or “Frenchie” as they have been nicknamed, can be a fun and rewarding experience as long as you take the time, and put a little effort into it French bulldogs for sale. These dogs are great companions, are very loving and loyal, and completely rely upon you, as their owner, to take care of them.

The first step in caring for your French Bulldog is to get a collar for them, with tags that include your name and phone number. License them and have them registered with the local Human Society. Everyday animals get lost and end up in the local pound. If your dog does happen to escape, a tag that leads back to the owner is almost a guarantee that the family will be reunited with their pet within a short period of time.

If you are not planning on breeding your dog, then have them spayed or neutered when they reach the appropriate age. The world is being flooded with abandoned dogs, even French Bulldogs, so take the precaution of fixing your animal so that no unwanted surprises may arise in the future. People from all over the world claim that dogs such as these should never be spayed or neutered because of their value, but if you are purchasing the animal as a pet and have no plans to have puppies, then take them to the vet and have the deed done.

Feed your puppy with high quality dog food. Avoid the cheap generic brands because they have additives in them, such as ground up feathers that can harm the health of your dog. Feed them one full bowl a day, or two small bowls per day. It is important to not over feed your puppy, which will make them overweight and unhealthy.

Exercise your puppy on a regular basis. The healthier your bulldog is, the longer they will live, and the happier they will be. Set some time aside everyday to go for a walk in the park, or in the mountains, or even around the block a couple of times. The location of the walk is not near as important as actually doing the walk.

The personal hygiene of your puppy is also a mandatory aspect of caring for your Frenchie. Since this breed drools throughout the day, use a warm wash cloth and clean the entire face and neck area, making sure to get into all of the folds and creases. Bathe them in warm water on a regular basis, using only shampoo designed for dogs. Once every couple of months, have the teeth cleaned, and make regular veterinary visits to ensure that their health, and their shots, are up to date and at a safe level. With the big buggy eyes of French and English Bulldogs, it’s hard for us humans to resist them. But there are many problems that can come along with that cute face, if not taken care of properly. Because of the buggy eyes of French Bulldog puppies and English Bulldog puppies, they are more susceptible to eye infections and eye problems than other breeds. Knowing what these problems are, how to recognize them and being informed of the treatment process will make you a better Bulldog owner.

Many dogs, not just your English Bulldog puppy or French Bulldog puppy, can come down with a condition called Cherry Eye. Dogs have three eye lids – the upper lid, lower lid and third eye lid. There is a gland under the third eye lid that is responsible for producing tears and keeps the eye hydrated. Cherry Eye occurs when this gland becomes inflamed and protrudes from the eye. With the gland exposed, it is highly susceptible to infection and trauma from the pup rubbing and scratching at it.

Prompt treatment is necessary to keep this from happening. There are ointments and steroid drops that can be applied but are sometimes not effective. If the gland is too swollen, surgery may be needed which requires suturing the gland back to its original position. Dogs that have this surgery are more likely to develop dry eye in the future. Once your dog has had Cherry Eye, he is more likely to get it again. It is not know what causes Cherry Eye but many think it is because of the connective tissues in the eye. When these tissues become weak, the gland can then become swollen. There is not much to do to prevent this from happening in your English Bulldog puppy but knowing what it is and how to treat it is the most important step.

English Bulldog puppies and French Bulldog puppies are susceptible to corneal ulcers because of their buggy eyes. Since the eyes stick out further than other breeds, their eyes can easily be scratched by claws, twigs, etc. Most scratches on the cornea heal on their own within a few days. Deeper scratches may take weeks to heal. These scratches are itchy and sore which causes your pup to paw and rub his eyes, making the problem worse. Excessive rubbing and scratching of the eye can cause an ulcer which, if ruptured, can cause blindness. If you notice your pup squinting or rubbing his eye frequently, take him to your vet to ensure there is not a more serious issue going on, such as a corneal ulcer.

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