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Cleaning Ceramic Tile Floors

Among the most difficult household chores is cleaning ceramic jewelry box ceramic tile floors. Because they are exposed a lot, dirt easily builds up on such materials. But such tasks can be made easier by following a number of tips.

First, cleaning products should be used properly. Available products in the market usually have user-friendly instructions in their containers. Take note of the proper amount to be used when cleaning a certain floor area. Unlike vinyl floors, ceramic floors can easily be damaged with the wrong use of cleaning products.

Next, before putting on the cleaning product, the ceramic floor area should be cleared of any surface dirt that can be swept away with a broom. When surface dirt becomes wet, the task just becomes harder. Afterwards, warm water and a mop can be used to ensure that the ceramic floor area is free of residual surface dirt.

What makes cleaning ceramic tile floors difficult is the process of cleaning tile grouts. Tile grouts are usually the dirtiest part of the floor area. Excessive exposure to moisture is the main cause for its untidy look. Aside from using old toothbrushes to scrub tile grout, homeowners can also use steam-cleaning products that are effective in restoring tile grout to its original look. However, homeowners should take extra precaution in choosing steam cleaning products. Some of them may be harmful for colored tile grout.

Homeowners can also save some money by coming up with their own ceramic tile cleaning solution. To do this, they just have to mix ¼ cup of low sudsing, all purpose cleaner, one cup of ammonia and ½ gallon of cold water. Gloves should be worn while preparing the solution, as the materials used can lead to skin irritation. Stir the formula until all the elements combine together. Once done, the solution can be applied to the ceramic floor area with a sponge mop.


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