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Blockbuster Online

Blockbuster Online is an Internet movie rental plan from the biggest name in movie rentals. Blockbuster Online offers unlimited rental options much like their competitor, Netflix, but you can also rent video games.

Rental options at Blockbuster Online include “On Demand” options directly to your television, a nationwide network of franchises and kiosk placements around the U.S. These movie rental kiosks are similar to the widespread Redbox film rental machines you see everywhere.

Blockbuster Movie Kiosks

When you want to rent a movie through a kiosk, all you do is find a movie through a list of several hundred hot titles, find a kiosk near you and go pick the movie up. You can search online at the Blockbuster Online website, to find the kiosk nearest you.

Blockbuster On Demand

On-Demand movies can be downloaded through a handful of tv, cellphone and Blu-ray players. If you have a Samsung TV, Samsung Blu-ray player, a Toshiba Blu-ray player or an HTC HD2 phone, you can sync your device with Blockbuster ดูหนังฟรี On Demand and download movies. Below is a list of other watching options.

  • Samsung Home Theater Systems
  • Samsung LED, LCD or Plasma TVs
  • 2Wire MediaPoint Set-Top Boxes
  • Any PC with the Right Software
  • T-Mobile Cell Devices like HTC HD2
  • Archos Players (portable devices)
  • Motorola (coming soon)
  • Xbox 360

In other words, just about everybody should have a device that allows you to buy or rent Blockbuster movies on demand. Even if you don’t have Motorola phones, T-Mobile cells, or Blu-ray upgrades, you probably have either a personal computer, XBOX 360 or TIVO recorder.

Most rent downloads costs $2.99 or less, though new releases cost more. Blockbuster offers some free rent downloads, too. Buying downloads come in 5 different paying tiers: $9.99, $13.99, $15.99, $19.99 and $20+ movies. You can search by MPAA rating, movie genre or studio.

Browse by Category

Category options include film genres like comedy, horror, foreign, western, romance, documentary, animation and action. There are special interest, performing arts and sports sections. Of course, Blockbuster offers a category for families and kids.

These days, Blockbuster Online offers over 95,000 movie titles. Like Netflix, you don’t have to deal with due dates and late fees anymore. Manage your Queue to get the movies you want the most, also like Netflix. If you have the right rental plan, you can do free in-store exchanges, while there’s no extra charge for Blu-ray.

Online Movie Rentals by Blockbuster

Blockbuster Online offers a compelling movie rental package, including elements of the Netflix and Redbox business plans, along with game rentals. I imagine this should appeal to a sizable portion of the movie renting population. While I still prefer the quicker shipping of Netflix, if you had a Blockbuster kiosk or store in your neighborhood, or you play a lot of video games, Blockbuster Online might be a better option.

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