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Bet on Horses Using Exacta Betting

 Solid amounts of money can be won using exacta betting when a person would bet on horses successfully. The good thing about the exacta bet is that it is much safer and less risky than the trifecta bet or superfecta bet. Also,the variations of this type of horse bet are also quite safer.You might like this type of bet on horses since it’s easy and convenient for most people.Straight Exacta BetThis is a wager on the horse that will place first followed by the horse that will place second in a race. The horses must take the positions in which order you specified exactly in order for you to win.Otherwise, you lose your wager completely. Exacta bets are safer than making trifecta or superfecta wagers because you only need to pick the top two horses in order compared to three or four horses I citibet horse racing review n order. If you want to decrease your risk even more and improve your odds of winning, read on about exacta box betting and exacta wheel betting.Here we have a sample procedure in order to help you further with the exatcta betting style.Let’s have a $2 Straight Exacta Bet2$ is the minimum for most exacta bets. If this is your first time to bet on horses with exacta betting then please take our advice and bet the minimum since you are only starting out. When you’ve gotten the hang of it and understands it perfectly then go ahead and increase the amount of your wager.Sample bet: A $2 Straight Exacta bet on horses 12-4 simply means you are wagering $2 where horses 12 and 4 will finish first and second in that consecutive order, respectively.Exacta Box BettingThis is a variant of the exacta bet where it involves picking the top two horses that will finish the race in ANY order. This is a good bet since exacta box betting improves the potential of you grabbing the rewards because the order in which the horses’ positions you picked is not important.Sounds great right? Of course it has a slight catch, it just costs more than a Straight Exacta Bet. ach possible winning combination of your Exacta Box bet costs $1. So, if you have a 3 horse Exacta Box bet, there are 6 possible finishing combinations of 3 horses. Therefore, your Exacta Box bet will cost $1 per combination, for a total of $6. The $6 amount is usually the minimum wager required to make a Exaccta Box Bet.

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