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Analysing Sports Handicapper Records

The internet is awash with websites from sports handicappers touting their (at times) unbelievable records. For a punter looking to spend some of their hard earned cash on sports handicapping picks, it can be a daunting task trying to identify which handicapper has a genuine record and which handicapper is worth your dollars. Handicappers such as the Sports Betting Champ, Maddux, Vegas Experts, Killer Sports Live, the Better Bettor, and Fantasy Sports Gametime are among the bigger sports handicappers with an online presence and (in some cases justifiably) a strong online following. Fortunately there are a number of websites designed specifically to track sports-handicappers results in a clear and unbiased fashion, making life for a punter looking to purchase sports-handicapping picks much easier. Read on for a description of these websites and how to use them.

The most prominent sports handicapper tracking website is Track Picks. Track Picks provides full historical rankings of sports-handicappers, displaying their winning percentages and total unit records. There is a hall of fame, as well as rankings by league (NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, NCAA) and rankings by time (last week, last month, last year). The information is displayed in clear and concise tables and the website loads quickly. It is interesting to use the rankings by time sorting to identify handicappers who are on a “hot streak”, and it may be possible to ride this hot streak by placing bets recommended by this handicapper. Unfortunately, the picks of the handicappers are not displayed on the Track Picks website prior to games, and thus punters will need to be subscribed to the handicapper in order to view their individual picks. 스포츠중계 This is where the Scamdicapper sports handicapper tracking website comes in.

The Scamdicapper website is the missing link allowing punters to track and view sports-handicappers picks prior to games. The breakdown of handicappers picks is not as comprehensive as that of Track Picks, with handicappers ranked overall, and per sport. However the value of the Scamdicappers website is in that the handicappers picks are released and able to be viewed prior to games being played. Punters can then use these picks in their own bets. Scamdicappers is unique in that it is the only website that aggregates sports handicappers picks into a single feed. By making use of this feature punters can have access to over 500 daily picks from sports handicappers for a low monthly subscription. Rather than paying for subscriptions to multiple big sports handicappers, punters can pay a single subscription and access daily picks from a multitude of sports handicappers.

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