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Action Movies Are On the Menu This Weekend

I have been a subscriber of the streaming service of Netflix for quite some time now. During this time I have enjoyed the wide selection of movies though sometimes cursing at Netflix for buying C rated action movies. You know these Steven Segal movies where the director fast forward the fight scenes to make it look like Steven Segal is fast as lightning. It is almost embarrassing to watch Dramacool. Why can he not just age gracefully? I am well aware that action movies generally is made up things that rarely happens in real life but that does not mean I want to see bad special effects or poor CGI. However this week has been great as Netflix has bought many well known and good action movies with great actors. Yes they might be 10-15 years old but they are still good. So for this weekend action is on the menu with titles such as We Were Soldiers, Mission Impossible 1 and 3, Payback and Shooter.

We Were Soldiers is a moving starring many talented actors like Mel Gibson, Greg Kinnear and Sam Elliott. This is just to name a few. It is a rather violent and bloody movie but you are guaranteed to sit on the edge of your seat during the entire movie, or at least from when the battle begins. Despite being a war movie you are also being told a underlining story of how the wife’s and families are coping with the loss of their husband/dad. A well directed movie that i will enjoy watching despite having seen it before.

Mission Impossible 1 and 3 really does not need an introduction. The popular franchise has been well received by the film critics. One more than the others but all are fun to watch. Netflix bought them just shortly after Mission Impossible 4 was playing in the cinemas. One of the best action movies of the year. The interest of number 4 in the series will no doubt rub of on Mission Impossible 1 and 3 which is probably why Netflix bought them in the first place. Use the popularity to increase revenue. You cannot blame them for doing so. It is only natural and besides that I am sure we Netflix customers are happy with the opportunity to re-watch the old Tom Cruise flicks.

Payback is another Mel Gibson movie and because he is starring in it it is almost safe to say that that alone is enough to make it good. Mel Gibson rarely stars in boring movies and I enjoy his acting tremendously which is probably more difficult these days as the bad stories hit the news paper. I just remind myself that i watch his films for entertainment and nothing else. Payback is not your ordinary action movie as it not only about fight scenes but also double crossing with some humor thrown into the mix.

The last action movie recently added to Netflix is Shooter starring Danny Glover and Mark Wahlberg. Wahlberg plays a sniper who has to clear his name with the help of a FBI Agent. An exciting movie with some twists that keeps you interested all the way through till the end. That is a rather rare thing to find in action movies these days. As summer approaches you might be looking for money saving ways to have fun and entertain your family. Fortunately, cutting back on spending does not have to mean missing out on fun. In many towns there are plenty of cheap or free summer activities available.

This summer plan a stay-cation and enjoy a movie in the park. Spend your days checking out the cheap and free activities your town has to offer, such as parks, beaches, or the local pool, and then spend relaxing evenings enjoying an outdoor cinema.

Movie events outdoors are growing in popularity in towns all over the country. A large inflatable movie screen and a powerful sound system are used to create a movie theater experience under the stars. Companies host outdoor film events to show appreciation for their customers and to increase their visibility in the area. Organizations like churches and schools also host movies under the stars events. Many local parks and recreation departments are beginning to offer summer outdoor movie events at parks as well. These events offer a money saving, often family friendly, entertainment option.

Many outdoor cinema events offer cheap or free admission. Sometimes events are paid for by corporate sponsors, other times open air film events are provided by a town’s parks and recreation department. You will be able to enjoy a unique film experience, sitting outside with friends and family, and avoid paying movie theater prices.

Many events include pre-show activities in addition to the movie. Sometimes there are bands that play, or children’s activities like face painting, balloon art, or crafts.

Snacks are an important part of a movie experience. Many outdoor flick events feature cheap concessions with popcorn, candy and drinks available for a reasonable price. Or, if you prefer, you could bring your own picnic along with you. Be sure to also bring along something comfortable to sit on like an air mattress, blanket, or low-back lawn chairs.

Since outdoor movies are hosted in large public venues, they are often family friendly. A family friendly outdoor movie event is a great way to bond as a family and enjoy time together without spending a lot of money. Even pets are often allowed.

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